Foreign Trade Zone

We first introduced our Foreign Trade Zone in 2014 because of the many benefits it brings to our CFS customers. This value-added service allows our customers to maximize savings and time by moving freight from our bonded CFS into the Bonded FTZ without the need for additional transportation expense. The FTZ allows CFS customers to store products in the United States duty free until the time of consumption thereby reducing costs from custom duties, taxes and tariffs.

Weekly entries in the FTZ also generate savings for our customers because they have the option to use the FTZ for weekly entries rather than filing an entry each time a shipment arrives. This allows high volume customers to save significantly on Manufacturing Processing Fees (MFP), tariffs and filing fees. Weekly entries also save time as they eliminate many of the complications associated with daily filings.

Utilizing the FTZ also provides customers a convenient and economical storage facility until they are ready to move their freight. When the time comes, our customers can move their freight from our bonded CFS into the bonded FTZ without incurring additional expenses.


  • Increase cash flow by delaying duty paid on import goods
  • Eliminate Customs and Border Protection (CBP) duties for exports from the FTZ
  • Manipulate products prior to consumption
  • Determine duty by raw or finished goods and receive inverted tariff savings
  • Quality control
  • Increase security with CBP supervision and requirements
  • Inventory control
  • Exhibit to customers without CBP duty payment
  • Save time and money on weekly entries
  • Transfer seamlessly from CFS site FTZ
  • Service by professional and experienced staff in fully licensed, bonded and insured warehouse

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