***Nova Online Availability and Inland Tracking (v 2.0)***

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Nova is proud to provide its customers with the most comprehensive online service program in the transportation industry. Nova has been a leader in the transportation industry for decades and our online service program reflects our commitment to maintaining this preeminent position.

Our program was developed with input from our experienced staff regarding the transportation issues and concerns facing our customers. As a result, we believe that you will find our on-line program easily accessible, informative, and time-effective.

The on-line service program encompasses international and domestic shipments. Our availability-release function provides for convenient releases and allows for tracking of all inbound container information. Nova's track-and-trace program gives our customers daily information on transit and delivery status.

To further service our customers and give them quick freight information twenty-four hours a day, we recently expanded Nova's on-line services to include unloading reports, exception photographs, and proofs of delivery.

We are glad that you inquired about our services and encourage you to continue through Nova's website for details on imported and domestic cargo. Our brokers are available to answer any specific questions that you may have about transportation. We look forward to hearing from you!!